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Introduction & Welcome

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Welcome to the White Rock Karate Club. We are part of Gima-Ha Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Association of Canada (GSK)! Our not-for-profit association of martial arts follows the traditional roots of training and philosophy in Shotokan Karate stemming from Shihan Gima (born September 28, 1896).

Our Gima-Ha dojo in White Rock welcome students of a variety in ages. In addition, we have affiliated dojos in Japan, Germany, France, Hungary, and most recently in the U.S.A.

The Canadian honbu (head) dojo is located in White Rock, BC. This dojo was established in October 1979 by the current Chief Instructor of Gima-ha Canada, Shihan Tak Sameshima, 8th Dan. Our Shihan currently teaches at the White Rock dojo and is a former Karate BC Team and Canadian National Team coach. In addition to karate, Shihan Sameshima offers instruction in Shotokan kobudo, a martial art involving various traditional Okinawan weaponry, in a controlled environment.


Students who are ranked 5th kyu (green belt) and higher are welcome to join this challenging and unique style of martial arts.


Our members compete at tournaments, including the Karate BC Provincial Championship, Canada Open and a variety of other regional competitions. Aligning with the traditional values and techniques in Shotokan Karate, our instructors promote learning by first introducing the basic techniques before moving onto the more advanced techniques. The classes integrate the traditional values of our founder, Makoto Gima, that date back to 1956, when Gima-ha was founded. Karate is not only a physical endeavor but but also mental. The skills you will learn will transfer into all areas of your life.

We hope that joining our club will help you embark upon a long, and fulfilling, journey of training in and study of Gima-Ha Shotokan-ryu karate.

Sensei Yukio Ezaki

White Rock Karate Club



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